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“Is there an object in your possession that exudes an eerie aura? Does it emit strange noises, relocate inexplicably, or appear in unlikely locations? Do you sense an unsettling gaze from its presence? We’re here to assist you. Our team will investigate your object, unravel its enigmatic story, and provide you with guidance. If you’re considering parting ways with the object but worry about potential negative repercussions, fear not! In addition to collecting, researching, and showcasing such artifacts, we offer a safe protected area to keep them safe!

What is a Haunted Object?

A haunted object is an item that is believed to be imbued with supernatural or paranormal phenomena. It is said to possess a lingering spiritual energy or be inhabited by a ghost or spirit. Haunted objects can range from everyday items like jewelry, dolls, paintings, furniture, or even vintage artifacts with a mysterious history. These objects are believed to exhibit unusual behaviors, such as moving on their own, emitting strange sounds, or causing unexplained phenomena in their vicinity.

The haunting of an object is often attributed to a tragic or emotionally charged event in its past, such as being associated with a deceased individual or witnessing a traumatic incident. Some people claim to experience unsettling feelings, visions, or paranormal activities when in the presence of a haunted object.

Haunted objects are often sought after by paranormal enthusiasts, collectors, or individuals intrigued by the supernatural. They can serve as subjects for investigation, display in museums, or even feature in folklore and urban legends. However, the authenticity and existence of haunted objects remain a subject of debate and skepticism within the scientific community.

Haunted Dolls

Jeffrey Dahmer urn, prison bible, and personal glasses

Various Victorian photos rumoured to be haunted

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