Welcome to our Paranormal Road Tripper series, where we embark on thrilling adventures across the country, exploring haunted locations, eerie legends, and unexplained phenomena. Join us as we document our spine-chilling encounters with ghosts, cryptids, and supernatural entities. Get ready for a unique blend of paranormal investigation, historical exploration, and adrenaline-fueled excitement

From legends of a ghostly women hitchhiker to a ghost dog running in front of your car. Watch as the Paranormal Road Trippers put the legends/folklore to the test.
In this thrilling found footage style video, we venture into the heart of the Spokane reservation to investigate reports of a possible shapeshifter. With the help of local experts and eyewitnesses, we follow the trail of this mysterious creature, exploring the history and folklore of the region. As we delve deeper into the case, we uncover startling evidence and encounter unexpected challenges. Were we able to catch the shapeshifter on camera and solve the mystery? Join us on this exciting journey to find out!
Shirley McKinnon, owner of the historic Alexandra Lodge, has us investigate paranormal activity. The team finds connections that go back more than 100 years to the lodge’s pioneer and gold rush days. Watch now to see what evidence the team uncovers.
The Paranormal Roadtrippers investigated the Old Courthouse Inn in Powell River, BC to document paranormal activity. The team captured stunning evidence of ghostly activity. Watch the documentary to see these phantom encounters.
The Paranormal Roadtrippers investigated the Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC. The team encountered spirits who love to perform on the main stage and more. Watch the video to see the evidence. Filmed and edited by Jacob Rice of @Ghostly Activities
In March 2022, The Paranormal Roadtrippers investigated a restaurant and exceptionally haunted room in the Hotel Rodmay. The team captured ghostly interactions and heard creepy paranormal encounters from locals.
Is this haunted doll possessed? Vancouver’s paranormal investigators weigh in! This spooky video documents the investigation of a haunted doll. Some believe that she is possessed by a spirit, while others think that the doll is simply cursed. Watch as the team from Paranormal Roadtrippers tries to get to the bottom of this hair-raising mystery!